How Do You Load a Riding Lawn Mower Into a Pickup Truck?

When you need to move a riding lawn mower from one location to another, it can be difficult to transport. The best way is to load the mower into a pickup truck.

This can be done safely and quickly with the right equipment and patience. Here are some tips on how to properly load a riding lawn mower into a pickup truck.

Step 1: Gather Necessary Equipment

Before loading the mower, it’s important to have the right equipment on hand. Make sure you have ramps that are long enough for your pickup truck and capable of supporting the weight of your mower. Also, make sure you have wheel straps or tie-downs that will secure your mower in place during transport.

Step 2: Prepare the Pickup

Position your pickup truck in an open area so that there is plenty of room to maneuver when loading the mower. Place heavy-duty ramps on each side of the bed, making sure they are securely attached before attempting to drive onto them.

Step 3: Drive Mower Onto Ramps

Once the ramps are in place, slowly drive the riding lawn mower up onto them until it reaches the bed of the truck. Make sure all four wheels are securely on top of the ramp before proceeding.

Step 4: Secure Mower in Place

Once the riding lawn mower is in position in the bed ofthe truck, use wheel straps or tie-downs to secure it in place. Make sure all four wheels are tightly secured before driving away.


Loading a riding lawn mower into a pickup truck is not as difficult as it may seem. With proper preparation, safety equipment and patience, you can easily transport your mower from one location to another with ease. Knowing how to properly load and secure your riding lawn mower will save you time and effort in the long run.

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