How Do You Make a Backseat Truck Bed?

Trucks are one of the most versatile vehicles on the market, and with a few simple modifications, you can make them even more useful. One popular modification for trucks is creating a backseat truck bed.

This is a great way to add extra storage space and utility to your vehicle without compromising interior space.

The first step in making a backseat truck bed is to remove the backseat from your vehicle. This can be done by either unbolting it or unscrewing it, depending on what kind of truck you have.

Once the backseat is removed, you should measure the area available for your new bed. Keep in mind that you will need to leave enough room for people to sit in the backseat, so make sure you measure accurately.

Once you have measured the space available for your bed, you can begin building it. You will need some sturdy plywood boards for this project; these should be cut to fit snugly in the available space in your truck’s cab.

Next, attach two-by-fours along the edges of the plywood boards using screws or nails. This will provide additional support and stability for your new bed.

Once the frame has been constructed, it’s time to add cushioning and padding to make your bed more comfortable. You’ll want to use foam padding that has been covered with vinyl or some other water-resistant fabric. This will help keep moisture out and ensure that your new bed is comfortable and durable.

Finally, you’ll need to secure your new bed in place with straps or bungee cords so that it doesn’t move around while driving. Be sure to use straps or cords that are strong enough to hold the weight of whatever items you plan on putting in your new backseat truck bed.


Making a backseat truck bed is an easy and affordable way to add extra storage and utility space to any truck without sacrificing interior space or comfort. It requires removing the existing backseat from your vehicle, building a frame out of plywood boards and two-by-fours, adding cushioning and padding for comfort, and then securing it with straps or bungee cords so that it doesn’t move around while driving. With these simple steps, anyone can turn their ordinary truck into an incredibly useful hauling machine!

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