How Do You Make a Bed Liner for a Truck?

Bed liners for trucks are an important accessory for anyone that regularly uses their truck for hauling cargo. Not only do bed liners protect the bed of the truck from scratches and dents, but they also can help to reduce noise and vibration when driving. Fortunately, making a bed liner for a truck is a relatively straightforward process that just about anyone can do with the right supplies and equipment.

Gather Supplies: The supplies you’ll need depend on the type of liner you’re looking to make. If you want to use a spray-on liner, you’ll need protective gloves, mask, goggles and an air compressor with an air hose.

You’ll also need aerosol cans of spray-on bed liner or DIY roll-on bed liner. If you’re looking to make a drop-in bed liner, all you need is some plastic sheeting, duct tape, and scissors.

Clean the Bed: Before applying any type of liner to your truck’s bed, it’s important to make sure it is clean and free of any dirt or debris. Start by giving the inside of your truck’s bed a good scrubbing with soap and water. Once it’s been thoroughly cleaned and dried out, use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of any lingering dirt particles that may have built up in corners.

Apply Liner: If you’re using a spray-on liner, make sure you follow all safety instructions on the product label before proceeding. Spray the entire inside surface area evenly with the product until it’s completely covered.

For drop-in liners, start by cutting out pieces of plastic sheeting that are slightly larger than each section of your truck’s bed. Secure them in place by taping them down with duct tape before trimming off any excess material.

Conclusion: Making a bed liner for your truck is not difficult if you have the right supplies and equipment handy. With some basic cleaning supplies and either aerosol cans or plastic sheeting depending on which type of liner you plan on using, it won’t take too long before your truck has added protection against scratches and dents from hauling cargo around town!

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