How Do You Make a Monster Truck Ramp?

A monster truck ramp is a key component of any monster truck show. It enables the driver to perform spectacular feats of skill and daring, while thrilling the crowd with huge jumps and wheelies.

Fortunately, making a monster truck ramp is relatively easy and can be done with just a few basic tools.

The first step in making a monster truck ramp is to select a design. There are many different designs available, such as quarter-pipe ramps, half-pipe ramps and double-ramps.

The right design will depend on the size of the truck, the type of stunts being performed and the amount of space available. Once you have chosen a design, you need to measure it out on the ground using stakes or string.

Once your design is marked out, you can start building the ramp itself. This involves laying out wooden boards or plywood sheets in an overlapping pattern over your design measurements. You should use screws to secure the boards together tightly, as this will help ensure that your ramp is strong enough to support your monster truck as it jumps up and down.

Next, you need to cover your wooden boards with some kind of rubberized material such as carpeting or skid-proof paint. This will help make sure that your monster truck has enough grip when launching off the ramp and prevent it from slipping off during its jump or wheelie.

The final step in making a monster truck ramp is to add some stabilizing supports underneath it so that it remains strong and secure even during huge jumps or stunts performed by your driver. You can build these supports out of wood or metal; whichever material you choose should be strong enough to hold up against heavy weights.


Making a monster truck ramp requires careful planning and attention to detail. With just a few basic tools and materials, anyone can create their own custom ramp for their show. Always make sure that your ramp is properly stabilized before attempting any stunts on it so that everyone remains safe!

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