How Do You Make a Monster Truck With Play Doh?

Making a monster truck out of play-doh is a fun and creative activity for children of all ages. It allows them to explore their imagination, create unique designs, and have a great time in the process. With the right materials and supplies, it’s easy to make a monster truck that looks just like the real thing.

Gather Your Supplies

Before you get started on your monster truck, you’ll need a few basic supplies. You’ll need play-doh in a variety of colors, some plastic tools such as cutters and molds, an empty cardboard box or container, scissors, and tape. You may also want to have some decorations on hand such as stickers, glitter glue, or paint pens.

Create the Base

Next, take your cardboard box or container and cut it so that it forms the base of your monster truck. To make sure that it stands upright when your truck is complete, use scissors or a knife to remove any extra pieces from the bottom so that it sits flat on the surface. Once you’ve done this, use tape to secure the sides together.

Form Your Wheels

Now it’s time to create your monster truck’s wheels! Take out some black play-doh and roll it into four balls of equal size.

Then use your plastic tools (or even just your hands!) to shape these into round discs for each wheel. If you’d like, you can add texture by pressing small circles into each wheel with either a toothpick or fork.

Build Up Your Truck

Once you have all four wheels ready to go, take more colored play-doh and begin building up around them so that they look like they’re part of one big vehicle – this is where you can really let your creativity shine! Add details such as windows or headlights and be sure to save some of your play-doh for later steps.


Now that your monster truck is put together its time for the fun part – decorating! Use stickers or glitter glue for extra color and pizzazz. You can also use paint pens if you’d like something more permanent or if you plan on displaying your masterpiece somewhere special.

Making a monster truck out of play-doh is easy with just a few basic supplies. All you need are some plastic tools, an empty cardboard box or container, scissors and tape.

You then roll black play-doh into balls for wheels before adding colored play-doh around them to form the body of the truck. Finally decorate with stickers or glitter glue for extra flair!

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