How Do You Make a Pop Up Camper Truck?

Pop up camper trucks are a great way to enjoy the outdoors without having to pitch a tent or rent an RV. They are lightweight, easy to tow, and provide plenty of room for sleeping, cooking, and storage. Plus, they’re much more affordable than traditional RVs.

Making your own pop up camper truck is a relatively simple process that can be completed in just a few weekends.

The first step is to purchase an appropriate truck. You’ll need one with enough cargo capacity to fit your camping needs and a good suspension system for the extra weight of the camper. It should also have a large enough bed area to accommodate your chosen pop-up camper.

Once you’ve purchased your truck and chosen the right size and type of pop-up camper, you’ll need to do some modifications on the bed of the truck. This includes mounting brackets that will hold the camper in place when it’s raised. The brackets should be installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

The next step is to install the hardware for raising and lowering the pop-up camper. This includes winches, pulleys, and other components that will allow you to raise and lower your camper from inside the cab of your truck. This hardware should also be installed according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Finally, you’ll need to add accessories such as lights and canvas covers so that you can keep out rain or sunshine while camping in your camper truck. Many people also choose to install insulation on their pop-up campers if they plan on camping in cold climates.


Making your own pop up camper truck is easy once you have all of the necessary parts and tools. With just a few weekends’ worth of work, you can create an inexpensive but comfortable camping experience that will last for years!

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