How Do You Make a PVC Bike Rack for a Truck Bed?

Making a PVC bike rack for a truck bed is a great way to transport your bikes without taking up too much space in your truck. PVC piping is strong, lightweight, and easy to work with.

It also won’t rust or corrode, so it’s an ideal material for making a bike rack that will last for years. Here’s how you can make a PVC bike rack for your truck bed.

Step 1: Measure & Cut the PVC Pipe

Measure the length of the truck bed and determine how many pieces of pipe you need. You’ll want to cut two pieces of pipe for each bike, plus enough extra length to secure the bikes in place. Use a saw or pipe cutter to cut the pieces of pipe to the desired length.

Step 2: Assemble the Frame

Assemble the frame by connecting four pieces of pipe together with elbow joints. Secure each joint with PVC glue or epoxy glue. Once assembled, check that all joints are secure and that there are no gaps between them.

Step 3: Attach the Crossbars

Attach two crossbars onto the frame using T-joints and more glue. These will act as supports for the bikes and will keep them in place while driving. Make sure they are securely attached before moving on.

Step 4: Attach Wheels

Attach two wheels onto each end of one of the crossbars using L-joints and screws. This will make it easier to move the rack around when loading and unloading bikes.

Step 5: Add Stabilizing Straps

Securely attach straps onto each corner of the frame using screws or zip ties. These straps will help stabilize the rack while driving, ensuring that your bikes stay in place.

Making a PVC bike rack for your truck bed is an easy and affordable way to transport your bikes with ease.

All you need is some PVC pipe, glue, screws, and straps, and you can have a reliable bike rack in no time!

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