How Do You Make a Truck Camper Tie Down?

Truck campers are the perfect option for people who want to experience the outdoors without having to buy and maintain a traditional RV. However, before you can hit the open road with your camper in tow, you need to make sure it is securely tied down. Fortunately, securing your camper is relatively simple and can be done in a few basic steps.

Step 1: Choose The Correct Tie Downs

The first step in tying down your truck camper is choosing the correct tie downs. Most camper tie downs are made of either steel or aluminum, and the size and strength of your tie down should match that of your camper’s weight. If you’re unsure about which one to buy, consult with a professional at an RV supply store.

Step 2: Position The Tie Downs

Once you have the right type of tie downs, you need to position them correctly on your truck. Start by measuring the distance between the front and rear corners of your truck bed and then mark these points with tape or chalk. Once marked, place the front tie down on the front corner and do the same for the rear one.

Step 3: Secure The Tie Downs

Now that you have positioned your tie downs correctly, it’s time to secure them. Begin by attaching each end of each tie down to its corresponding corner of your truck bed.

Make sure they are tightly secured with bolts or nuts so they don’t come loose while driving. Once attached, attach a winch strap to each end of each tie down and secure it to its corresponding corner.

Step 4: Test And Secure The Winch Straps

The last step is testing the winch straps before hitting the road. Make sure they are tightly secured around each corner and then pull on them gently to make sure they are secure. If everything looks good, attach two ratchet straps at each corner as an extra layer of security.


Tying down a truck camper isn’t difficult but it does take some time and effort if done properly. With these four easy steps – choose the correct tie downs; position them; secure them; test them – you can ensure that your camper stays firmly in place while out on the road.

How Do You Make A Truck Camper Tie Down?

Making a truck camper tie down involves choosing appropriate tie downs for your camper’s weight; positioning them correctly on your truck bed; securely fastening them with bolts or nuts; attaching winch straps to both ends; testing their tightness; and adding an extra layer of protection with ratchet straps at each corner.

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