How Do You Measure a Truck Bed for a Tonneau Cover?

Measuring a truck bed for a tonneau cover is an important step in ensuring that the cover you purchase fits your vehicle perfectly. There are several measurements that you’ll need to take in order to determine the size of your truck’s bed. Knowing these measurements will help you select the correct size of tonneau cover for your truck.

The first measurement you’ll need to take is the length of the bed. This is best done by measuring from the inside of one wheel well to the inside of the other wheel well.

Make sure to measure across the length of the top of the rail, not down along its side. Next, measure the width by measuring from one side wall to the other side wall at its widest point.

The third measurement you’ll want to take is for height. This will help determine whether a low-profile tonneau cover or a full-size cover will be best for your truck. Measure from the top of your tailgate when it is closed all the way down to where it meets up with your truck’s bed.

Finally, measure any additional features on your truck’s bed such as tool boxes, tie-down points, or tool pockets. These measurements should be taken along each side and across their tops so that they can be accurately accounted for when selecting a tonneau cover.


Measuring a truck bed for a tonneau cover is relatively straightforward and can be done in just a few minutes with some basic tools such as a tape measure and marker. Knowing these four measurements—length, width, height and any additional features—will ensure that you get exactly the right fit for your vehicle and make sure that your tonneau cover looks great on your truck.

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