How Do You Measure a Truck for a Camper Shell?

Measuring a truck for a camper shell is an important step in the process of purchasing one. It will ensure that you get the right size of shell for your truck, so that you can maximize the space inside and make sure it fits properly.

The first step is to measure the length, width, and height of your truck bed. This can be done with a tape measure or a ruler. Make sure to take into account any additional features such as wheel wells or toolboxes that may protrude beyond the bed measurement. Take note of any irregularities in the shape of your truck bed as well, as this could affect what type of camper shell may fit best.

Once you have taken all measurements, it’s time to look at what type of camper shell will fit your vehicle best. You’ll want to decide whether you prefer an aluminum, fibreglass, or plastic shell. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages depending on your needs and budget.

After deciding on a material, it’s time to look at sizes available for shells for your vehicle’s make and model. This will give you a better idea of what size shell will work best for your specific needs. Make sure to select a size that is slightly larger than the measurement you took previously – this will ensure that it fits correctly without being too tight or too loose.

Finally, when purchasing your new camper shell make sure to take note of any additional accessories such as roof racks or side steps that may need to be purchased separately in order for your shell to fit perfectly on your vehicle.


Measuring a truck for a camper shell requires taking precise measurements and understanding which type and size will fit best. Buying proper accessories is also important so that everything fits properly in order to maximize interior space.

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