How Do You Measure Truck Bed Size?

Measuring the size of a truck bed is an important part of finding the right truck for your needs. A truck bed’s size is determined by the interior length, width, and height of the truck’s cargo area.

The length and width are typically measured from inside the truck bed, while the height is measured from the top to the bottom of the cargo area.

To accurately measure a truck bed, you will need to start by measuring its length. To do this, measure from one edge of the bed to the other edge.

Make sure to include any tailgate in your measurements if it is open. It is also important to measure any wheel wells or other obstructions that may reduce usable space in your measurements.

When measuring your truck bed’s width, you should measure from inside edge to inside edge. Again, be sure to account for any wheel wells or other obstructions that may reduce usable space when taking your measurements. The width should also be taken at its widest point.

Finally, when measuring your truck bed’s height you should measure from the top of the cargo area down to its floor or line where it meets up with any side walls or wheel wells. Make sure that you are including any tailgate when taking this measurement.


Measuring a truck bed requires taking three primary measurements: length, width and height. It is important to ensure that all obstructions are accounted for in these measurements so you can choose a truck with a bed that meets your needs and usage requirements.

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