How Do You Move a Truck Camper Without Jacks?

Trailer campers provide an excellent way for people to enjoy the outdoors without having to invest in a full-sized RV. However, moving a trailer camper without the aid of jacks can be a challenging task. Fortunately, there are several techniques that can be employed to move a trailer camper without jacks.

1. Use a Tow Vehicle

The most common way to move a trailer camper without jacks is to use a tow vehicle.

This is best accomplished with the help of another person, who can back up the tow vehicle while the driver adjusts their speed and direction. It is important to ensure that the tow vehicle has enough power and weight capacity to safely tow the camper and not exceed its maximum load rating. Additionally, be sure that all safety chains and hitches are properly connected before attempting to move the camper.

2. Utilize Slings

Another option for moving a trailer camper without jacks is by utilizing slings or other lifting devices.

This method requires two people and two slings (one for each side of the camper). The two people then attach each sling underneath either side of the camper, lift it up until it is slightly raised off of its wheels, then slowly walk or push it into position.

3. Use an Engine Hoist

For those who have access to an engine hoist or similar lifting device, this method may be used as well. The engine hoist can be connected to either side of the camper (just above where the wheel wells are located) and then used to lift it up until it can be freely moved into position.


Moving a trailer camper without jacks requires careful planning and execution in order to ensure safety for both yourself and your equipment. Using one of these methods – such as using a tow vehicle, utilizing slings or using an engine hoist – will allow you to move your trailer camper without having to rely on jacks or other lifting devices.

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