How Do You Open a Soft Truck Bed Cover?

Soft truck bed covers are a great way to protect your cargo and equipment when hauling. They often come in the form of tonneau covers, which are a type of soft cover that is designed to fit around the perimeter of the truck bed.

These covers are made from a variety of materials including vinyl, fiberglass, and canvas. They are also available in several different styles, such as folding or retractable, so you can find the perfect cover for your specific needs.

Opening a soft truck bed cover depends on what type of cover you have. For folding covers, there is typically a release lever located at the front of the truck bed.

To open the cover, simply press down on the lever and then fold back the two sides until they latch into place. For retractable covers, you will need to locate the release latch at either end of the bed rails. Pull down on this latch to unlock the cover and then slide it open along its track.

For covers with straps:

Soft truck bed covers that use straps instead of latches require slightly more effort to open. The first step is to locate all of the straps and unclip them from their anchor points.

Once all of the straps have been released, you can lift up on one side of the cover and it should come free from its anchor points. Then simply slide it back until it’s fully opened.

Safety Tips:

It is important to note that soft truck bed covers can be quite heavy when fully loaded with cargo or equipment. As such, always make sure that you are properly supporting it while opening or closing it so as not to cause any damage or injury.

Conclusion: Opening a soft truck bed cover can be done easily depending on what type you have installed on your vehicle. Folding and retractable covers are typically opened by pressing down on latches located at either end while those with straps require unclipping them before lifting up one side in order to open them fully. Safety should always be taken into consideration when opening any type of cover, as they may be quite heavy when loaded with cargo or equipment.

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