How Do You Put a 16 Foot Board in a Pickup Truck?

Putting a 16 foot board in a pickup truck can be a difficult task, especially if you don’t have the right tools or know-how. Fortunately, it isn’t impossible to accomplish and with some preparation and the proper instructions, you can easily get your board safely in the back of your pickup truck.

Picking the Right Truck

Before attempting to put your board in your truck, it is important to make sure that the truck itself is up for the job. When selecting a pickup truck for your purposes, make sure that the bed of the truck is large enough to fit your board, or at least can be modified to do so.

It is also imperative that whatever vehicle you choose has enough power to carry the weight of your load.

Preparing Your Board

The next step is to prepare your board for transport. This means making sure that it is properly secured so that it won’t move around during transit.

If possible, use additional straps or rope to tie down your board and keep it in place. Additionally, make sure that any sharp edges are covered with protective material such as duct tape or cardboard.

Using a Ramp and Dolly

Once you have picked out a suitable vehicle and prepared your board for transit, you can begin loading it into the bed of your truck. A ramp and dolly are very useful tools for this task as they allow you to roll the board up into the back of your pickup with ease. Make sure that when using a ramp and dolly combination that both pieces are securely attached before loading.

Using Other Methods

If you don’t have access to a ramp and dolly then you can use other methods such as lifting one end of the board onto an elevated surface such as a car jack or wooden block before pushing/pulling it into place in your vehicle bed. However, these methods require more physical effort than using a ramp and dolly so take extra caution when using them.


Putting a 16 foot board in a pickup truck doesn’t have to be difficult if you have done some proper planning ahead of time by picking out an appropriate vehicle and preparing both yourself and your board correctly before starting. With proper preparation and knowledge about how best to use tools such as ramps and dollies (or alternative methods) you will find this task much easier than expected.

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