How Do You Put a Tonneau Cover on a Truck Bed?

Putting a tonneau cover on a truck bed is a great way to protect valuable cargo from the elements and potential theft. Tonneau covers come in many varieties, ranging from soft folding covers to hard locking covers.

No matter which type you choose, installation requires some basic tools and an understanding of the steps involved.

The first step is to properly measure the truck bed so that you can purchase the correct size tonneau cover for your vehicle. Once you have the correct size, you can begin installation. Depending on the type of tonneau cover, installation will vary slightly.

Soft Folding Tonneau Cover Installation:

Soft folding tonneau covers are easy to install and require minimal tools. Begin by unrolling the cover across the bed of your truck and ensuring it is centered as best as possible. Once you have it in place, use either self-tapping screws or bolts (depending on what is included with your model) to secure the brackets that came with your tonneau cover along each side of the truck bed rails.

Hard Rolling Tonneau Cover Installation:

Hard rolling tonneau covers require more tools and effort than soft folding covers, but provide additional protection for your cargo. Start by opening up the box included with your model and carefully laying out all of its components onto a soft surface such as a blanket or rug. Next, use any necessary hardware (bolts/screws) included with your model to attach mounting brackets onto each side rail of the truck bed.

Once all of your mounting brackets are in place, carefully slide each end of the tonneau cover into its corresponding bracket until both sides are securely in place. Finally, use an Allen wrench or other tool provided with your model to tighten any hardware that may need to be secured.


Putting a tonneau cover on a truck bed is an excellent way to protect valuable items from inclement weather and potential theft. Many different models are available for purchase, depending on how much protection you need for your cargo. Installation requires basic tools and knowledge of how to properly secure each type of cover onto its corresponding mounting bracket along either side rail of the truck bed.

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