How Do You Put a Wheel Chock on a Truck Bed?

Wheel chocks are an important safety measure for any vehicle, but especially for trucks due to their larger size and weight. Wheel chocks are devices that are placed behind the tires of a truck to ensure that they remain in place while parked.

By using a wheel chock, you can prevent your truck from rolling away and potentially causing an accident. Putting a wheel chock on a truck bed is not difficult, but it does require you to take certain precautions.

Step 1: Place the wheel chock behind one of the back wheels of your truck. Make sure that it is firmly wedged between the back tire and the bed of the truck.

Step 2: Secure the wheel chock in place with a long rope or chain secured firmly around both the tire and the wheel chock. This will help ensure that the wheel chock does not move or slip out from under the tire.

Step 3: Adjust the rope or chain until it is taut. This will help ensure that your truck stays in one place while parked.

Step 4: Put additional wheel chocks behind each of your other wheels if necessary. This will provide additional stability and security for your truck while parked.


Putting a wheel chock on a truck bed is relatively simple but important for ensuring that your vehicle does not roll away while parked. Make sure to securely tie down all of your wheel chocks with rope or chain for maximum stability and safety.

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