How Do You Put F1 Wheels on a RC Car?

Putting F1 wheels on a RC car is an easy and rewarding upgrade that can improve the performance of your vehicle. F1 wheels are designed to increase traction and reduce rolling resistance, making it easier for your RC car to handle corners and other tight turns. With some simple modifications, you can put F1 wheels on your RC car to give it the edge when tackling the track.

What You Need

The first step in putting F1 wheels on your RC car is to gather the necessary materials. You will need a set of four F1 wheels, four wheel nuts, and some wheel spacers or washers. If you don’t have wheel spacers, you can use a small piece of cardboard or thin plastic sheet cut into strips to act as wheel spacers.

Installing Wheels

Once you have gathered all the necessary materials, it’s time to install your new F1 wheels. Start by removing the existing wheels from your RC car.

Use a screwdriver or Allen key to loosen the wheel nuts and slide them off. Next, place one of the wheel spacers between each wheel hub and the body of your RC car. This will ensure that your new F1 wheels are properly aligned.

Next, attach each wheel with its associated nut by threading it onto the wheel hub until it is securely fastened. Make sure that all four nuts are tightened equally so that all four wheels are firmly attached.

Testing The Wheels

Once all four new F1 wheels are securely attached to the hub of your RC car, you can test them out by running a few laps around the track. Pay close attention to how they handle cornering and tight turns; if they seem unstable or wobbly then you may need to adjust the wheel spacing slightly.


Putting F1 wheels on an RC car is an easy way to give it an edge when tackling tight corners and other tricky turns. With some simple modifications and adjustments, you can easily put F1 wheels on any RC car for improved performance and handling.

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