How Do You Raise a Dump Truck Bed?

Raising a dump truck bed is an important part of maintaining and servicing the vehicle. The process can be done manually or through the use of hydraulics.

Both methods require some basic knowledge, but the hydraulic system requires more know-how. This article will discuss both methods for raising a dump truck bed.

Manual Method

The manual method of raising a dump truck bed involves using either a ratchet or chain puller to lift the bed up. It is important to check the manufacturer’s instructions before attempting this method, as some vehicles may require different tools or instructions than others.

Generally, one end of the ratchet should be hooked to a point near the center of the bed while the other end should be connected to an anchor point at ground level. The ratchet can then be used to pull up on the bed until it reaches its desired height.

Hydraulic Method

The hydraulic method of raising a dump truck bed is more complex and requires more knowledge about how hydraulics work. This method involves using hydraulic cylinders and pumps to raise and lower the bed.

The system typically consists of two cylinders, one on each side of the bed, that are filled with pressurized fluid. When activated, these cylinders will push against each other, causing one side of the truck’s body frame to raise up while lowering the other side. This allows for easy maneuverability when loading and unloading materials.


Raising a dump truck bed can be done manually or through hydraulics depending on individual needs and preferences. Both methods require some basic knowledge and understanding, but those who want greater control over their vehicle’s movements should consider using hydraulics instead.

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