How Do You Raise a Truck Camper in Bed?

Raising a truck camper in the bed of a pickup truck is an important step to making sure your camper is secure and safe. There are several ways to do this, but each requires careful planning and preparation. It’s important to make sure the truck is supported properly or else you could risk damaging it or even worse, having it fall off.

Step 1: Choose the appropriate lifting device for the job. If you have a large capacity pickup truck with plenty of room in the bed, then you can use either a trailer jack or a hoist/winch system. Trailer jacks are typically used for smaller campers, while hoists and winches are best for larger ones.

Step 2: Place blocks of wood underneath the camper’s frame so that it is elevated enough to slide into place in the bed of the truck. Make sure that the blocks are strong enough to support the weight of the camper and that they are secured properly with bolts or screws so they don’t shift when you lift it.

Step 3: Attach the lifting device to either side of the camper frame using straps or chains. This will provide additional stability during lifting and make sure that it won’t slip off when being raised up into place in the bed of your truck.

Step 4: Slowly lift up one side of your camper at a time until it reaches its desired height above your truck bed. Make sure that you are paying close attention while doing this as an uneven lift may cause damage to either your camper or your truck.

Step 5: Carefully slide your camper into place in your truck bed using either manual labor or with help from an extra set of hands. Once everything is securely in place, use ratchet straps to secure both sides of your camper to prevent any shifting during travel.


Raising a truck camper into position can be done safely and securely if done correctly with proper planning and preparation beforehand. Be sure to use appropriate lifting devices and secure everything properly with straps and chains before attempting this maneuver on your own.

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