How Do You Raise a Truck Camper?

Raising a truck camper is a great way to increase the overall storage capacity of your pickup truck. With the right accessories and knowledge, you can make your vehicle more efficient and reliable while also giving it a unique look.

The key to successfully raising a truck camper is to ensure that all components are properly installed, secured, and balanced. Here are some tips to help you get started:

Choosing the Right Camper

The first step in raising a truck camper is to choose one that fits your needs and budget. There are many different types of campers available, from small pop-up models to large slide-in models. Consider the size of the camper, materials used in its construction, and its weight capacity when making your selection.

Installing Camper Jacks

Once you have chosen the right camper for you, it’s time to install the necessary jacks and other hardware needed for lifting it up. Camper jacks come in various sizes and shapes depending on how high or low you want to raise your camper. Be sure to consult with an expert or use instructions provided by the manufacturer before attempting to install any jacks.

Attaching Support Brackets

In order for the jack system to safely support your camper, you will need to attach support brackets under each corner of the camper. The brackets should be bolted directly into place using heavy-duty bolts and washers.

Raising The Camper

Once all of the necessary hardware has been installed correctly, it’s time to lift up your camper. Make sure that all of your tools and hardware are within easy reach before beginning this process. You can use either manual or electric winches depending on how high you need to raise it up.

Securing The Camper In Place

The next step is to securely attach the camper in place using heavy-duty straps or chains. Make sure that everything is firmly attached so that it doesn’t move around while driving or during windy conditions.



Raising a truck camper requires careful planning and preparation as well as attention-to-detail during installation. With proper installation techniques and secure fastening methods, you can safely raise your truck camper for increased storage capacity without compromising safety or performance.

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