How Do You Remove a Camper Shell From a Truck?

Removing a camper shell from a truck can be a challenging task. It is important to take the time to do it properly so that no damage is done to the vehicle.

The first step is to remove any clamps or bolts that are holding the shell in place. This can be done with an adjustable wrench or by using a screwdriver. Once all of the clamps and bolts have been removed, it’s time to start lifting the shell off of the truck.

It’s important to remember that a camper shell can be very heavy, so it is essential to have at least two people helping with this task. One person should stand on the tailgate and lift up on one side of the shell while another person stands on the roof and lifts up on the other side.

As they continue to lift, they should also move back towards where they were standing originally until the shell comes off of the truck completely. After that, they can move it away from the vehicle and begin unloading any items inside of it.

Once all items have been unloaded, it’s time to clean and inspect both sides of the camper shell for any damage that may have occurred during removal. If anything looks out of place or broken, then repairs may need to be made before reattaching it back onto the truck.

Finally, if there are no repairs necessary, then reattaching the camper shell is easy as long as all of its original clamps and bolts were kept aside during removal. All one has to do is line up each clamp/bolt with its original hole and use an adjustable wrench or screwdriver to tighten them back up until secure.

Removing a camper shell from a truck requires two people lifting simultaneously while loosening clamps and bolts first. Afterwards you should inspect for any damage before reattaching with its original clamps/bolts using an adjustable wrench or screwdriver until secure.

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