How Do You Remove Rhino Liner From Truck Bed?

Removing a rhino liner from a truck bed can be a daunting task. It is not difficult, but it will take some time and effort.

Rhino liner is a spray-on protective coating that is used to protect the truck bed from scratches, dents, rust, and other damage caused by debris or hauling items. The liner is applied in a thick coating that bonds permanently with the truck bed surface. This makes it difficult to remove without damaging the underlying paint or metal.

Before attempting to remove the rhino liner, be sure to consult with an auto body shop or an automotive paint specialist to make sure you have the correct procedure and materials for your vehicle. Additionally, always wear safety gear such as gloves and goggles when working with chemical solvents.

Step 1: Start by removing as much of the Rhino Liner as possible by scraping off the surface with a putty knife or razor blade. Be careful not to scratch or gouge the underlying paint or metal.

Step 2: Apply a thick coat of chemical solvent such as lacquer thinner or acetone over the remaining Rhino Liner. Allow it to sit for several minutes until it begins to soften.

Step 3: Scrub off any remaining Rhino Liner using an abrasive pad such as steel wool or sandpaper. You may need to apply additional chemical solvent if necessary.

Step 4: Once all of the Rhino Liner has been removed, wash off any residue with soap and water. Rinse thoroughly and allow it to dry completely before applying any new protective coating.


Removing Rhino Liner from a truck bed requires some patience and care but can be done relatively easily if you follow these steps carefully. It is important to wear proper safety gear when working with chemical solvents and always consult an auto body shop beforehand for advice on how best to proceed.

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