How Do You Secure Kayaks in a Truck Bed?

Kayaks provide hours of enjoyment and relaxation, but transporting them can be a bit of a challenge. Kayaks are long and unwieldy, making them difficult to secure in a truck bed. If you are planning to transport your kayak in your truck bed, there are some important steps you should take to ensure the safety of both your kayak and vehicle.

Tie Down Straps – Tie down straps are a great way to secure your kayak in the truck bed. Make sure to use ratchet straps or cam straps for the best hold.

Place two straps across the width of the truck bed, one at the front and one at the back, and then place two more straps going lengthwise. This will create an “X” that will help keep your kayak from sliding around. Make sure all straps are tightly secured and not too loose.

Padding – Another important step is to make sure that you have enough padding between your kayak and the truck bed. You can use foam blocks or pool noodles for this purpose. Place them along all sides of the kayak so that it does not rub against the metal of the truck bed.

Securing Points – Many trucks have pre-installed anchor points on either side of the truck bed where you can attach tie down straps. These anchor points provide additional stability for your kayak by connecting it directly to the frame of your vehicle.

Cover – To further protect both your kayak and vehicle, it is important to cover your kayak before transporting it. You can use an old sheet or tarp for this purpose. This will help protect against wind resistance as well as any debris that may fly up from the road.

By taking these steps, you can ensure that your kayak is safely secured in your truck bed during transport. Always double-check all straps before driving off and make sure they are tight enough so that there is no wiggle room for your kayak.


Securing a kayak in a truck bed requires careful preparation and attention to detail.

Tie down straps should be used across both widths and lengths of the truck bed, while padding should be placed along all four sides of the kayak. Securing points should be utilized if available on either side of the truck bed, while covering with an old sheet or tarp provides additional protection against wind resistance or debris on the road.

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