How Do You Secure the Totes on a Truck Bed?

Having a truck bed is great for hauling large items, but if you don’t secure them properly, you run the risk of damage or loss. To ensure that your cargo remains safe and secure on the bed of your truck, you’ll need to use tie-downs or straps to keep it in place.

Choosing the Right Tie-Downs

The right type of tie-down will depend on the size and weight of your cargo. For lighter loads, bungee cords can be used.

They provide a strong grip without leaving marks on the cargo and are easy to use. For heavier loads, ratchet straps are recommended as they provide a more secure hold and can be tightened as needed.

Securing The Totes

Once you have chosen the right tie-downs for your load, it’s time to start securing it. Start by tying down one corner of each tote with the appropriate tie-down; then move clockwise around the bed until all four corners are tied down. Make sure that each strap is tight enough that there is no slack in it but not so tight that it damages or puts undue stress on the tote or its contents.

Additional Tips

To keep your cargo even more secure, consider using multiple straps per corner or using additional straps between totes if they are stacked together. It’s also important to inspect your cargo before each trip and periodically check your straps during long trips to make sure they are still tight and secure.


Securing totes in a truck bed can be done quickly and easily with the right tie-downs and some attention to detail. Be sure to choose an appropriate tie-down for your load, inspect everything before each trip, and periodically check straps during long trips for extra safety.

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