How Do You Stabilize a Truck Camper Off the Truck?

Truck campers are a great way to explore the outdoors, but they need to be stabilized when off the truck to keep them safe and secure. Installing stabilizing jacks or stabilizing blocks is a great way to do this.

Stabilizing jacks can be purchased from most camping stores or online and come in many different sizes and weight capacities. Stabilizing blocks are usually made from steel-reinforced rubber and come in a range of sizes. Both of these solutions are quick and easy to install, and will provide your camper with a solid foundation while it’s not on the truck.

Once you have your stabilizing solution installed, you’ll need to ensure that your camper is properly leveled. This is important for both safety and comfort while you’re camping. Use a spirit level or other leveling device to make sure that all four corners of your camper sit at the same height; if there’s an uneven corner, adjust the jacks or blocks accordingly until it’s level.

You’ll also want to secure your camper once it’s off the truck. You can do this by using chocks or wheel locks on each wheel, as well as ropes or ratchet straps around the perimeter of your camper for additional security. Make sure everything is tight and secure before leaving it unattended.


Stabilizing a truck camper off the truck is an important step in ensuring its safety and security while camping. Stabilizing jacks or stabilizing blocks are good solutions for providing a solid foundation, while chocks, wheel locks, ropes and ratchet straps can provide additional security once installed. Be sure to use a spirit level or other leveling device to make sure that all four corners of your camper are even before leaving it unattended.

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