How Do You Store a Spare Tire on a Truck Bed?

Storing a spare tire on the truck bed is a great way to keep it easily accessible in case of an emergency. It’s also important to store it in a secure way, so that it won’t move around or get damaged while you’re driving. Here are some tips for how to properly store your spare tire on the truck bed.

Tire Tie-Downs

The most common and effective way to secure a spare tire is by using tire tie-downs. These are straps that attach the tire to the truck bed, preventing it from rolling or bouncing around.

You can find various sizes and types of tire tie-downs, depending on your needs. Make sure that the tie-downs are tight enough to hold the weight of the tire, but not so tight that they damage it.

Cargo Nets

Cargo nets are another great option for securing a spare tire on the truck bed. They provide an extra layer of protection by preventing the tire from slipping out or becoming dislodged. The netting also helps reduce wind resistance, which can improve fuel economy.

Wheel Chocks

Wheel chocks are used to keep a wheel in place when parked on an incline or otherwise uneven surface. When storing your spare tire on the truck bed, wheel chocks can be used to keep it from moving or rolling around in transit. They also provide added stability when parking your vehicle.

Tire Covers

In addition to providing protection against theft, using a tire cover is another great way to store your spare on the truck bed. Tire covers come in various sizes and materials, and they help protect against dirt and debris while keeping your spare looking good.


Storing your spare tire properly can help ensure that you have access to it when you need it most. Using one or more of these methods—such as tie-downs, cargo nets, wheel chocks, or covers—can help keep your spare safe and secure while you’re driving.

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