How Do You Store a Truck Camper Shell?

Storing a truck camper shell can be a tricky task. Not only is the size and weight of the camper shell an issue, but you also have to consider weather and security. To make sure that your truck camper shell is safely stored, follow these steps for proper storage.

Step One: Clean and Protect Your Camper Shell

The first step in storing your camper shell is to thoroughly clean it. Use a mild detergent and a soft brush to remove dirt, debris, and bird droppings. Once the shell is clean, use a wax or sealant to protect the surface from UV damage and corrosion.

Step Two: Choose an Appropriate Location

When choosing a location for your camper shell, you’ll want to consider factors like weather conditions and security. Look for a location that is sheltered from rain, snow, wind, and other elements. Make sure there is adequate lighting in the area so that thieves will be discouraged from Targeting your storage location.

Step Three: Secure Your Camper Shell

Once you’ve chosen an appropriate location for your truck camper shell, it’s important to secure it properly. Use heavy-duty locks to secure the doors of the camper shell as well as any windows or vents that may be present. You may also want to invest in an alarm system or motion-activated lights for additional security.

Step Four: Store Properly

When storing your truck camper shell, make sure it’s on a flat surface that can properly support its weight. Additionally, place blocks or padding between the ground and the bottom of the camper shell to help prevent moisture buildup under the unit.

Storing a truck camper shell can seem intimidating at first, but with some preparation and proper techniques you can ensure that it remains safe from weathering elements as well as theft. Start by cleaning and protecting your truck camper shell before choosing an appropriate location for storage. Secure all doors and windows with heavy-duty locks before placing it on a flat surface with blocks or padding underneath for additional protection.

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