How Do You Tow a Truck With a Car Dolly?

Towing a truck with a car dolly is an effective way to move large vehicles. This type of towing is commonly used by RV owners and those who need to transport vehicles over long distances.

The car dolly provides a safe and secure way to tow the truck, allowing it to be moved without having to worry about damaging the vehicle or putting too much strain on the engine.

To tow a truck with a car dolly, you will first need to ensure that all safety checks are completed. This includes checking that the brakes are working properly, that all lights are functioning correctly, and that the tires have enough air pressure for the journey. It is also important to make sure that all straps used for securing the vehicle are firmly in place before beginning the tow.

The next step is attaching the car dolly securely to the tow vehicle. This can usually be done by using either chains or straps which should be provided with your car dolly. Once secured, you should check both vehicles again for any signs of damage or wear and tear before beginning your tow.

When ready, you should then slowly drive forward while keeping an eye on the truck behind you. As you drive, it is important to maintain a slow and steady speed while ensuring that there is enough slack in your straps or chains so as not to put too much strain on either vehicle. If possible, try and keep your speed below 40mph when travelling long distances.

When arriving at your destination:

Once at your destination, it is important to gradually reduce speed and come to a complete stop before releasing any straps or chains from either vehicle. Once fully released from each other, both vehicles can then be driven away from each other in opposite directions.

Towing a truck with a car dolly can provide an effective way of moving large vehicles over long distances without risking damage or putting too much strain on engines. It is important however, that all safety checks are completed beforehand and that you maintain slow speeds throughout your journey.


Towing a truck with a car dolly requires careful preparation and accurate execution in order for it to be successful. Safety checks should always be conducted before beginning any tow journey, as well as ensuring there is enough slack in straps or chains throughout the drive itself – maintaining slow speeds also helps reduce stress on both vehicles involved in order for them both reach their destination safely!

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