How Do You Transport a Motorcycle in a Truck Bed?

It is not always possible to transport a motorcycle in a truck bed, however in some cases it can be done. The most important factor when considering transporting a motorcycle in a truck bed is to make sure that the motorcycle is properly secured. This can be done by using wheel chocks, tie-downs, and/or straps to prevent the motorcycle from shifting during transport.

Steps to Properly Secure Motorcycle in Truck Bed

  • Place wheel chocks on either side of the rear wheel.
  • Secure the wheel chocks to the bed of the truck with tie-downs or straps.
  • Tie-down the front wheel of the motorcycle with tie-downs or straps.
  • Make sure that all straps and tie-downs are tight and secure.

Additional Tips for Transporting a Motorcycle in a Truck Bed

  • It is recommended to use thick ratchet straps instead of rope or twine when securing the motorcycle in order to ensure that it does not move during transport.
  • Make sure that any cargo being transported in the truck bed does not interfere with or encroach on the area where the motorcycle is secured.
  • If possible, place plywood or blankets over top of the motorcycle while it is being transported to protect it from any debris that may accumulate in the truck bed.

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