How Do You Turn a Traxxas Slash Into a Monster Truck?

The Traxxas Slash is a popular radio controlled vehicle that can be transformed into a high-performance monster truck. This RC truck has become popular due to its durability and its ability to handle any terrain.

It comes in both electric and nitro versions, but the electric version is more suitable for creating a monster truck. If you want to turn your Traxxas Slash into a monster truck, there are several modifications you will need to make.

Wheels & Tires: The first step in turning your Traxxas Slash into a monster truck is to upgrade the wheels and tires. Monster trucks feature large, off-road tires that provide superior grip on uneven terrain.

You can purchase these tires at most hobby shops or online stores. Be sure to check the size of your existing wheels before purchasing new ones.

Suspension: The next step is to upgrade the suspension of your Traxxas Slash. This will allow your truck to absorb shocks better when driving over rough terrain.

You can either purchase aftermarket suspension kits or create your own using parts from other RC vehicles. Be sure to properly adjust the shocks and springs.

Body: The body of your Traxxas Slash should also be modified in order for it to look like a real monster truck. You can either purchase an aftermarket body kit or customize it using paint and decals. This will give your vehicle an aggressive look that will make it stand out from other RC trucks.

Power System: Finally, you will need to upgrade the power system of your Traxxas Slash in order for it to perform like a real monster truck. You can purchase brushless motors, ESCs (electronic speed controllers), and LiPos (Lithium Polymer batteries) from most hobby shops or online stores that specialize in RC vehicles.


Transforming a Traxxas Slash into a monster truck involves making several modifications such as upgrading the wheels and tires, suspension, body, and power system. With these modifications, you can turn your vehicle into an impressive off-road machine that will stand out from other RC trucks on the market.

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