How Do You Turn on a Truck Bed Light?

Truck bed lights are a great way to light up the space in the back of your truck. Whether you’re working, camping, or just need a little extra light, they are incredibly useful. But how do you turn them on?

The process of turning on your truck bed lights depends on the make and model of truck you have. Generally speaking, though, most trucks will have a switch located inside the cab that can be used to turn on the bed lights. This switch might be located above or below the dashboard and will usually be labeled in some way so that you know it’s for your bed lights.

In some trucks, there may also be a separate switch located near the bed itself. It’s important to check both areas for switches since different models may have different locations for their switches.

If You Have an Aftermarket Bed Light Kit

If you’ve installed an aftermarket bed light kit, then turning them on is as easy as flipping a switch. Most kits come with an external switch that can easily be mounted somewhere near the tailgate so that it’s easy to access.

Troubleshooting Your Bed Lights

If your truck bed lights aren’t turning on when you flip the switch, then there could be a few possible issues. The first thing to do is check all of the fuses associated with your truck’s lighting system. If any of them are blown, then they’ll need to be replaced before anything else can be done.

It’s also possible that there could be a wiring issue or loose connection somewhere along the line from your switch to your bed lights. If this is the case, then it would need to be diagnosed and repaired by an experienced mechanic.


Turning on your truck bed lights is fairly straightforward if you know where to find the right switch and make sure all of the fuses are in working order. If there’s an issue with wiring or other components, then it’s best to let an experienced mechanic take care of it so that everything works properly.

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