How Do You Unload a Tree From a Pickup Truck?

In order to safely unload a tree from a pickup truck, there are several important steps to follow. It is important to be sure that you have the appropriate equipment for the job. This may include ramps, a vehicle lift, straps or chains, and a tarp.

Step One: Park the vehicle on a flat surface and make sure it is in park with the brakes set. Set out your loading materials such as ramps if needed. Place the tarp under the tree and secure it with straps or chains.

Step Two: Carefully lift the tree onto your vehicle using either a vehicle lift or by manually lifting it onto the bed of the truck. Make sure that it is secure and will not shift during transport.

Step Three: Securely fasten straps or chains around the trunk of the tree and then attach them to your vehicle.

Make sure that they are tight enough to hold in place while driving but not too tight as this could cause damage.

Step Four: Drive slowly and carefully to your destination, making sure that you avoid any sharp turns or bumps in the road. Once you arrive, use ramps or a lift again to carefully lower the tree off of your truck bed.

Step Five: Unsecure all straps or chains from around your tree and remove any tarp that had been placed underneath it during transportation. Finally, use appropriate tools to carefully place your tree into its desired location.


Unloading a tree from a pickup truck requires careful planning and preparation. It is important to make sure that you have all of the necessary equipment such as ramps, straps, chains, and tarps before attempting this task. Following these steps will ensure that your tree arrives safely at its destination without any damage.

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