How Do You Use a Tow Truck on GTA?

Using a tow truck in Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is a great way to make money and complete missions. Players can purchase a tow truck from any of the car dealerships scattered around the city.

Once purchased, players should find an empty parking lot or street to practice maneuvering the vehicle.

Towing cars in GTA requires skill and a lot of patience. When attempting to attach a car to the tow truck, it must be done from behind and not from the side.

Players must also be sure they have enough space between their truck and the car they are attempting to attach in order for it to work properly.

Once attached, the player must drive carefully with their new load in order to avoid damaging either vehicle. This can be tricky as driving with a substantially heavier load will slow down acceleration and handling of the tow truck considerably. Additionally, if players are too rough while maneuvering their load, they will damage it and incur charges for repair.

Once safely transported, players can then drop off their towed vehicles at any of the impound lots located around Los Santos or Blaine County. Here, players will receive payment for their efforts as well as experience points which can eventually unlock more powerful vehicles for purchase.


Using a tow truck on GTA is an enjoyable and profitable way to make money while completing missions. With some practice and skillful driving, players can easily master this activity with no problem!

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