How Do You Use a Tow Truck Wheel Dollie?

A tow truck wheel dolly is a valuable tool used in the towing and recovery industry. It is used to move a vehicle, trailer, or other wheeled items safely and securely by attaching the dolly to the vehicle or trailer being towed. The wheel dolly allows for easy maneuvering of the towed item in tight spaces, and can be used in a variety of different scenarios.

When using a tow truck wheel dolly, it is important to follow all safety protocols and instructions for use. The first step is to attach the wheel dolly securely to the trailer or vehicle you are moving. Depending on the size of your vehicle or trailer, you may need to adjust the straps on the wheel dolly accordingly.

Once attached securely, make sure that all straps are tightened properly.

Next, place the wheel dolly behind your vehicle or trailer and attach it using chains or straps. Make sure that both ends of each chain or strap are connected securely before pushing or pulling on the wheel dolly. Additionally, ensure that all wheels on both vehicles are blocked off before attempting to move them with a wheel dolly.

Once everything is secured and ready, you can begin pushing or pulling on either side of the wheel dolly in order to maneuver your vehicle into position. Be sure not to pull too hard as it could cause damage to either vehicle involved in the process.

Finally, always remember to inspect your equipment after usage for any damage that may have occurred during use. Check all chains and straps for wear and tear as well as making sure they are still connected securely before storing away.


Using a tow truck wheel dolly is an effective way of safely moving heavy vehicles and trailers in tight spaces. By properly attaching the wheel dollies to both vehicles involved and ensuring that all straps are secure, one can easily maneuver their items with ease without worry of damage being caused.

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