How Do You Use a Tow Truck Wheel Lift?

A tow truck wheel lift is an essential piece of equipment for any tow truck operator. It is used to secure the towed vehicle and lift it up off the ground.

It can also be used to move the vehicle to a safe place or repair shop. The wheel lift can be attached to the rear end of the tow truck and is operated by either a manual lever or a hydraulic system.

Using a tow truck wheel lift requires some basic knowledge of how it works and how to properly use it. First, make sure that you are in an area with enough room to safely attach the wheel lift. The best way to do this is to approach from behind the vehicle and attach the arms of the wheel lift onto the wheels.

Once securely attached, you can begin lifting the vehicle by using either a manual lever or a hydraulic system. Depending on your preference, you may find that one system works better for you than another. Make sure that you are following all safety guidelines when operating either system.

Using a tow truck wheel lift also requires that you make sure that all safety precautions are taken while moving or transporting the vehicle. Be sure to secure all loose items in the car and make sure that it is securely tied down before moving it onto a trailer or other transport vehicle.

Finally, once you have safely transported your vehicle, be sure to properly detach the wheel lift from your tow truck. This will ensure that no damage has occurred during transportation and that everything is in working order for future use.

When using a tow truck wheel lift, it is important to follow all safety guidelines and secure all loose items in order to ensure safe operation and transportation of your vehicle. This will help ensure that everything runs smoothly and your towed car arrives at its destination safely.

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