How Do You Use the RC Car in Mario Kart?

The RC Car in Mario Kart is one of the most enjoyable, yet challenging, items in the game. This item allows you to take control of your kart and maneuver it around the track with ease. The RC Car is an important tool for mastering the game, as it can be used to navigate tight corners and difficult terrain.

To use the RC Car in Mario Kart, you’ll first need to select it from your inventory. Once you have selected it, a menu will appear on screen that contains several options.

You can choose to drive your RC Car in either manual or automatic mode. Manual mode puts you in control of the car’s speed and direction, while automatic mode keeps it moving at a steady pace along a predetermined path.

Once you’ve selected your desired mode, you can start driving your RC Car around the track. The controls are simple and intuitive; simply press up on the directional pad to accelerate and down to slow down or come to a complete stop.

You can also use left and right on the directional pad to turn your kart left and right respectively. Additionally, pressing B while driving will make your car do a wheelie or drift depending on which type of vehicle is being used.

The key to success with using an RC Car in Mario Kart is learning how to navigate tight turns with precision. You’ll need to practice making sharp turns and drifting around corners if you want to be successful at this game. Additionally, learning how to make quick stops will also help you avoid obstacles like banana peels or shells that may be present on certain tracks.


Using an RC Car in Mario Kart can be an enjoyable experience, but mastering its controls takes practice and skill. You’ll need to learn how to make sharp turns and drifts with precision if you want to become a master of this game. Additionally, knowing when and how to make quick stops will help you avoid any obstacles that may be present on certain tracks.

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