How Do You Use the Tow Haul on a Truck?

Tow haul is an important feature of modern trucks that allows drivers to quickly and easily tow heavy loads. The tow haul mode is generally used when driving down hills, or when towing a trailer.

When enabled, it reduces the amount of work the engine needs to do in order to keep the vehicle at a steady speed. This can help improve fuel economy and reduce wear and tear on the transmission.

To use the tow haul feature, first make sure your vehicle is equipped with this option. Some trucks may have a dedicated button for activating it, while others may require you to set up the system in the menus. Once you’ve located the button or setting, press it or turn it on.

Next, shift your transmission into a lower gear that will allow you to maintain a steady speed while going downhill. This will reduce the amount of strain placed on your engine and transmission, which will help increase fuel economy. Engage the tow haul mode by pressing its button or turning it on in the menus.

You’ll know that you’ve successfully engaged tow haul when you feel an increase in power and torque from your engine as it shifts into higher gears more quickly. This will help you maintain a steady speed even when going downhill.

When using tow haul, remember to disengage it once you’re done towing or going downhill. Otherwise, your truck will remain in its higher gear settings even after you reach level ground again, wasting fuel unnecessarily.


Using the tow haul feature on your truck can be incredibly helpful when hauling large loads or driving down hills.

It helps reduce strain on your engine and transmission while maintaining a steady speed and improving fuel economy. To use it correctly, make sure your vehicle is equipped with this option and then engage it before shifting into a lower gear for downhill driving. Be sure to disengage it afterwards so that your truck isn’t always running in higher gear settings unnecessarily.

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