How Far Can Stuff Stick Out of Bed of Truck?

The law on how far items can stick out of the bed of a truck varies from state to state. The length, width and height of the objects that stick out of the bed will also determine if they are legal or not.

In most states, the maximum length that an item can extend out of the bed is 4 feet. This is to ensure that no matter what speed you are travelling at, you should be able to see the item from behind and take necessary precautions to avoid hitting it. Any object that extends longer than 4 feet must have a red flag or marker attached to it so it can be seen more easily.

The width and height that an object can extend will also vary depending on your state’s laws. Some states may require any items that extend more than 8 inches in either direction to have a marker attached. Other states may require items to be secured in place with a net or straps so they do not shift around while driving.

Safety First

No matter what your state’s laws say, safety should always come first when transporting items in the back of your truck. Be sure to secure all loads properly before driving and inspect them regularly for any damage or issues.

And remember, if you do choose to transport objects that extend beyond 4 feet, make sure they are clearly marked with a red flag or marker so other drivers can see them easily.

By following these guidelines, you should have no problem transporting objects in the back of your truck without breaking any laws. Just remember – safety first.


In general, items cannot legally stick out of the bed of a truck more than 4 feet. However, width and height restrictions may vary depending on your state’s laws. It’s important to stay up-to-date with these laws and always take safety precautions when transporting loads in your truck.

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