How Fast Can a Monster Jam Truck Go?

Monster Jam trucks are the ferocious, roaring beasts of the motorsports world. These enormous vehicles have become a staple in American culture, thrilling fans with their spectacular stunts and awesome power. But how fast can a Monster Jam truck really go?

Monster Jam trucks are powered by massive V-8 engines that generate up to 2,000 horsepower. This immense power is one of the reasons why they can reach incredible speeds on the track. Monster Jam drivers regularly exceed 100 mph during stunts and races, though they rarely hit top speed due to safety reasons.

The fastest recorded speed for a Monster Jam truck was set by Tom Meents in 2018 during an exhibition run in Las Vegas. He drove his Max-D truck to a record-breaking 131.9 mph!

This is an incredible feat considering the size and weight of these vehicles. It’s estimated that some of them weigh up to 10,000 pounds when fully loaded.

In addition to their impressive top speeds, Monster Jam trucks are also capable of doing amazing jumps and flips. The average jump height is around 35 feet and some drivers have been known to perform spectacular backflips off ramps. The combination of speed, jumps and flips makes these trucks truly unique and exciting to watch.


Monster Jam trucks are powerful machines capable of reaching incredible speeds on the track. The fastest recorded speed for a Monster Jam truck is 131.9 mph – an amazing feat considering their size and weight! In addition to their speed, these vehicles can also perform amazing jumps and flips that make them even more exciting to watch.

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