How Fast Does a 1/24 RC Car Go?

When it comes to remote control (RC) cars, speed is always a factor that many hobbyists consider. RC cars come in all shapes and sizes, with each model offering its own distinct features, including the speed of the vehicle.

When it comes to 1/24 scale RC cars, these are typically smaller than other scale models and are often used for racing indoors. So how fast does a 1/24 RC car go? The answer depends on the type of car and the motor that is used.

Most 1/24 scale RC cars are powered by electric motors, which offer great speeds for their size. The typical speed range for these cars is anywhere from 20 to 40 miles per hour (mph).

This range can depend on various factors such as the type of motor being used, the weight of the car, and even the terrain it’s being driven on. Some models have adjustable speeds that allow you to customize your driving experience.

As with any other type of RC vehicle, 1/24 scale cars can be modified with aftermarket parts to increase their speed and performance. This includes upgrades such as higher quality motors or better batteries that can provide more power or longer run times. Other modifications include adding lightweight parts such as carbon fiber body panels or custom wheels that reduce drag during races.

Nitro Powered Cars

Nitro powered 1/24 scale RC cars offer even higher speeds than their electric counterparts. These nitro powered vehicles usually have engines running on a mixture of fuel and oil which provides much more power than an electric motor alone.

Nitro powered engines can reach speeds upwards of 70 mph! Although these vehicles are faster than electric models, they require regular maintenance such as changing spark plugs and air filters in order to keep them running at optimal performance.


1/24 scale RC cars offer great speed for their size and come in both electric and nitro-powered variants. Electric models typically reach speeds between 20-40 mph while nitro-powered engines can reach up to 70 mph!

These vehicles can also be modified with aftermarket parts in order to increase their performance or customize their look. No matter what kind of 1/24 RC car you choose, you’re sure to have a thrilling time racing around!

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