How Fast Does a Maxx RC Car Go?

Maxx RC cars are some of the fastest remote control cars available on the market today. These cars are designed to be incredibly powerful and incredibly fast, with many models capable of reaching speeds of up to 70mph!

The speed of a Maxx RC car is determined by several factors, such as its motor, battery and gearing. The motor used in a Maxx RC car will have an impact on its top speed, as well as how long it can sustain that speed. For example, some motors can reach higher top speeds but may not be able to sustain those speeds for very long due to overheating or other technical issues. The type of battery used in a Maxx RC car also has an effect on its speed; lithium-ion batteries tend to provide more power than other types of batteries, allowing for higher top speeds.

The gearing of a Maxx RC car is another factor that affects its top speed. Different gear ratios will affect how quickly the car accelerates and how fast it can go. For instance, if you want your car to be able to reach higher top speeds more quickly, you might opt for a lower gear ratio.

On the other hand, if you want your car to accelerate more slowly but reach higher overall speeds, then you might opt for a higher gear ratio.

In addition to these factors, the terrain in which you are driving your Maxx RC car also plays a role in its top speed. If you’re driving on flat terrain with no obstacles or inclines, then your car will likely reach its highest possible speed more easily than if you’re driving on uneven or inclined terrain with obstacles that slow it down.

So how fast does a Maxx RC car go? It depends on several factors such as the type of motor and battery used in the vehicle, as well as the gearing and terrain it is driven on. Many models can reach top speeds upwards of 70mph!


Maxx RC cars are capable of reaching high speeds due to their powerful motors, batteries and gear ratios. Depending on what type of motor and battery are being used in the vehicle as well as the gearing and terrain being driven on these cars can reach speeds upwards of 70mph!

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