How Long and Wide Is a Short Bed Truck?

Short bed trucks are becoming increasingly popular, and it is easy to see why. They offer convenience, fuel efficiency, and cargo capacity all in one package. But how long and wide is a short bed truck?

Short bed trucks are generally considered to be those that have a wheelbase of up to 125 inches. This wheelbase measurement is taken from the center of the front wheel to the center of the rear wheel. The length of the truck itself can vary depending on the make and model but typically ranges from 195 inches to 207 inches.

When it comes to width, short bed trucks typically measure between 69 and 72 inches wide. This measurement is taken from outside wheel well to outside wheel well. It should be noted that this measurement does not include any additional accessories such as a running board or side-step.

In addition to overall length and width, short bed trucks also feature a variety of other measurements that affect its usability and convenience. These include interior cab space measurements such as headroom and legroom as well as cargo capacity measurements like maximum payload capacity.


Short bed trucks are incredibly versatile vehicles that offer drivers a great deal of convenience and efficiency. They generally have a wheelbase up to 125 inches in length with an overall truck length ranging from 195 inches to 207 inches.

They are also usually 69-72 inches wide, depending on the make and model. Additionally, they come with a variety of interior cab space measurements as well as cargo capacity measurements.

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