How Long Does Monster Truck Shows Last?

Monster Truck Shows are a great way to get some outdoor fun and thrills. They feature massive trucks that can drive over cars and even buildings, which is always a crowd pleaser. But how long do these shows last?

Monster Truck Shows typically last between two to three hours, depending on the number of trucks involved and the type of stunts planned. Some shows may feature a mix of different types of stunts such as wheelies, donuts and jumps, while others may simply focus on one or two stunts. The length of the show will depend on how many stunts are performed and how often they are done.

The actual driving portion of the show usually takes up about an hour or so.

This is followed by a break for intermission, allowing spectators to get refreshments and restroom breaks before the show continues. During this break, there may also be additional entertainment such as music or special guests making appearances.

After intermission, the show resumes with more stunt driving until all trucks have run their course. The finale typically features a huge stunt such as a car crushing or building jump that leaves everyone in awe.


Overall, Monster Truck Shows usually last between two to three hours depending on the number of stunts performed and entertainment provided during intermission. With an hour of driving time and additional time for breaks, it makes for an exciting few hours full of thrills!

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