How Long Is a 4 Door Short Bed Truck?

A 4 door short bed truck is a type of vehicle that combines the functionality of a pickup truck with the convenience of a full-size sedan. It is a great option for those that need to be able to haul large items, but don’t want to sacrifice on passenger space.

The size of 4 door short bed trucks vary depending on the make and model. Generally speaking, they are longer than a regular pickup truck, but also shorter than a full-size sedan. This makes them ideal for people who need more cargo capacity than what a regular pickup offers, but don’t need the extra length of a full-size vehicle.

The length of 4 door short bed trucks typically range from around 200 inches to 250 inches. This is slightly longer than your average compact car, but much shorter than your average full-size SUV or pickup truck. The width and height can also vary depending on the make and model, but are usually around 70 inches in height and 72 inches in width.

When it comes to interior space, 4 door short bed trucks offer plenty of room for passengers and cargo alike. The seating capacity varies from four to eight depending on the model, giving you plenty of room for friends and family trips. Cargo space can range from 20 cubic feet all the way up to 60 cubic feet when using both rear seats folded down – giving you plenty of room for tools, groceries, sports gear or whatever else you may need to bring along with you.


In conclusion, a 4 door short bed truck offers drivers an excellent combination of cargo capacity and passenger space – making them an ideal option for those who need both in their vehicle. They typically range between 200-250 inches in length and 70-72 inches wide – giving them plenty of room while still being smaller than most other pickup trucks or SUVs.

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