How Long Is a GMC Pickup Truck?

GMC pickup trucks have been a staple in the automotive industry for years. These reliable and dependable vehicles are known for their ruggedness and durability. But, when it comes to size, how long is a GMC pickup truck?

When it comes to length, GMC pickup trucks can vary dramatically depending on the model and type. The shortest GMC pickup truck is the mid-size Canyon, which measures in at 212.7 inches in length.

This makes it one of the most compact mid-size trucks on the market. In comparison, the full-size Sierra 1500 measures in at 228.9 inches in length while its larger sibling, the Sierra Denali 3500HD Crew Cab measures in at 246.7 inches long – making it one of the longest full-size trucks available.

In addition to overall length, GMC pickup trucks are also available with different wheelbases (the distance between the front and rear axles). The wheelbase for a Canyon is 128 inches while a Sierra 1500 has a wheelbase of 143.5 inches and a Sierra Denali 3500HD Crew Cab has wheelbase of 167 inches – making it one of the longest wheelbases available for any full-size truck on the market today.

When it comes to width, most GMC pickups measure 79.5 inches wide from side mirror to side mirror – regardless of model or type – except for certain versions of the Denali which can be up to 83 inches wide across its lower trim levels.

Overall, there is no single answer as to how long a GMC pickup truck is since there are different models and sizes available that range from 212.7 (the mid-size Canyon) to 246.7 inches (the full-size Sierra Denali 3500HD Crew Cab). As such, potential buyers should take into account their needs and lifestyle when determining which size truck best suits them before making their purchase decision.


GMC pickup trucks come in a variety of lengths that range from 212.7 – 246.7 inches depending on model and type chosen by buyers based on their particular needs and lifestyle requirements.

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