How Long Is a Stake Bed Truck?

A stake bed truck is a type of truck that is designed with a flatbed area and side panels. This style of truck is often used for hauling large or heavy items, such as lumber, construction materials, and large furniture.

The flatbed area provides an easy way to store large items, while the side panels offer protection against the elements and potential theft.

Stake bed trucks come in a range of different sizes and configurations. Smaller models are typically used for light-duty jobs, such as transporting smaller items or those that don’t require extra protection from the elements.

Larger models are available for heavier-duty jobs, such as hauling logs or construction materials. The size of the truck will determine how much weight it can hold and how much cargo it can accommodate.

The length of a stake bed truck will depend on the model you choose and its intended use. Generally speaking, a standard stake bed truck is around 10 to 12 feet long.

Some models may be slightly longer or shorter depending on their design features, but most will be within this range. Larger models may go up to 14 feet in length.

For heavier loads or larger cargo items, you may want to look into getting an extended stake bed truck. This type of truck has an additional area at the rear that can be used for additional storage space. These trucks usually range in length from 14 to 18 feet depending on their design features.


A standard stake bed truck will typically be between 10 to 12 feet in length while extended models can go up to 18 feet long depending on their design features. The size you need will depend on your intended use and how much cargo you plan to transport with it.

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