How Long Is Monster Truck Show?

Monster truck shows are a thrilling spectacle that never fail to bring an audience to their feet. These large, powerful vehicles are driven by professional drivers who compete in freestyle and racing events.

The show also includes other entertainment such as wheelie competitions, car crushing demonstrations and other stunts. These events are often held in stadiums or large parking lots, and can last anywhere from two to four hours.

Monster truck shows begin with the driver introductions, followed by a parade of all the trucks participating in the show. This is followed by individual wheelie competitions for each of the drivers, where they must demonstrate how long they can stand on their rear tires. Once these wheelie competitions have been completed, the freestyle portion of the show begins.

During the freestyle portion of the show, drivers have free reign over their vehicle to perform as many stunts as they can in a given time frame. This is usually done on an obstacle course designed specifically for monster trucks and includes jumps, donuts and other stunts. Drivers are judged on their creativity, execution and crowd response during this part of the show.

Racing Events

The last part of any monster truck show is usually a racing event. The two most popular types of races are single-elimination bracket races and head-to-head “drag” races.

During both types of races, two monster trucks go head-to-head on an obstacle course with jumps and turns designed specifically for monster trucks. The first truck to cross the finish line wins.

Monster truck shows can provide hours of entertainment for fans both young and old alike. With spectacular stunts performed by professional drivers, these shows can be truly awe inspiring. Depending on how many events are included in a single show, it can last anywhere from two to four hours.


A typical Monster Truck Show typically lasts between two to four hours depending on how many events are included in each show. Monster Truck Shows feature individual wheelie competitions for each driver followed by a freestyle portion where drivers perform various stunts before finally ending with either a single-elimination bracket race or a head-to-head drag race.

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