How Long Is the Bed on a Flatbed Truck?

Flatbed trucks are an incredibly versatile and useful vehicle, with many applications in both residential and commercial settings. The main advantage of a flatbed truck is its ability to transport large loads quickly and easily.

But how long is the bed on a flatbed truck? The answer depends on two factors: the size of the truck and the type of load being transported.

Size of Truck

Flatbed trucks come in a variety of sizes, from small pickups to full-size semis. Generally speaking, the larger the truck, the longer its bed will be. Smaller pickup-style or van-style flatbeds usually have beds that are about 6 feet in length, while larger semi-trucks can have beds that are up to 53 feet long.

Type of Load

The type of load being transported also affects how long a flatbed’s bed is. If a load requires extra protection from weather or road conditions, it can be secured with tarps or other materials to extend its length. This means that even relatively small flatbeds can transport unusually large loads if they are properly secured.


The exact length of a flatbed truck’s bed is determined by two factors: its size and the type of load being transported. Smaller pickups may have beds that are only six feet in length, while larger semis can have beds that are 53 feet long. Additionally, proper tarping and securing techniques can extend even smaller beds to accommodate unusually large loads.

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