How Long Should a Pickup Truck Ramp Be?

When it comes to transporting heavy objects and large pieces of equipment, a pickup truck ramp may be the best way to get the job done. But, how long should a pickup truck ramp be?

It all depends on the size of the items you are loading, as well as the type of vehicle you are using.

In general, the longer the ramp is, the easier it is to load heavy items onto your truck bed. Longer ramps also help reduce stress on your vehicle’s suspension when loading heavy objects.

The size of your truck bed and type of items you are loading will determine what length ramp you will need.

If you are using a full-size truck with a long bed, then an 8-foot long ramp should do the trick. This is usually enough length to allow easy access for both small and large items alike.

For mid-size trucks with short beds, a 6-foot long ramp is usually sufficient.

For heavier loads, such as ATVs or motorcycles, it may be necessary to use a longer ramp. A 12-foot long ramp is ideal for these larger items since it provides enough length for them to clear the tailgate without damaging your vehicle or its suspension.

When determining how long your pickup truck ramp should be, consider how wide and tall each item is that you plan on loading onto your bed. If there is any doubt about whether an 8-foot or 12-foot long ramp will fit into your bed or provide enough clearance for larger items, then opt for the longer one.


The length of pickup truck ramps can vary depending on several factors including size of truck bed and type of item being loaded. For full-size trucks with longer beds, an 8-foot long ramp should suffice while mid-size trucks with shorter beds may require a 6-foot long ramp. Heavier loads such as ATVs or motorcycles may require a 12-foot long ramp so that they can easily clear the tailgate without damaging your vehicle or its suspension.

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