How Many Bales of Hay Can Fit in a Short Bed Truck?

When it comes to transporting hay, the size of the bed on your truck has a huge impact on how much hay you can transport. Knowing how many bales of hay can fit in a short bed truck is important when planning for a hay haul.

When it comes to loading hay onto a short bed truck, there are several factors that need to be taken into consideration. The first factor is the size of the bale itself.

The larger the bale, the fewer bales you can fit in your truck.

The second factor is the length of your short bed truck. Generally, short beds come in two sizes – 6′ and 8′. As you may have guessed, an 8′ bed will hold more hay than a 6′ bed.

The third factor is the type of load you are hauling. If you are hauling round bales, you will be able to load more per trip than if you were hauling square bales. Round bales take up less space in the truck and are easier to stack.

Finally, the type of tie down system you have in place will have an impact on how many bales of hay can fit in your short bed truck. If you have ratchet straps or chains to secure your load, then chances are you can stack more bales than if you had no tie-downs at all.


In conclusion, how many bales of hay can fit in a short bed truck depends on several factors such as the size and type of bale being transported, as well as the length and tie down system used for securing them. The best way to determine exactly how many bales will fit in your particular vehicle is to take measurements and do some trial runs with different types and sizes of hay before attempting a large haul.

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